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Tattoos with Texts, words or Phrases

What are tattoos with texts?

Whether it's a word, a phrase or a paragraph, there's always a good reason to get a name or a famous quote you like (from a book, novel or someone you admire).

There are people who prefer to get tattooed the name of your partner or loved one, but you can also tattoo your own name, the name of a family member, that of a best friend, etc.

You can also get tattooed a word that means something to you, that gives you strength, encouragement or you just like. Famous phrases or sayings also have a place in tattoos with texts or phrases.

It can also be the case of wanting to tattoo yourself a letter on each finger of your hand so that all five or four fingers say a single word.

What kind of phrase tattoos can you get?

They are usually small tattoos, but you can also make them bigger if they are several lines or occupy your entire back, why not?

Within this group of tattoos also dates are included in roman or arabic numerals.

The most important is choose the font and then tell us the size and area where you want to get tattooed so we can prepare your design. Do not forget ask for your appointment with time. You can do it online or in person. We will be happy to help you.

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Other styles of tattoos that may interest you:


Exclusive and personalized designs from your family and friends.


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